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Founded upon the ethos that we would dedicate ourselves to providing services that affected the lives of the people we work with in a positive way. Our vision !s to offer a structured, caring and safe environ- ment, where our residents are central and Supported to live their best lives.


Langley Homes provide innovative and modern living environs to support vulnerable and marginalized young adults and adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome, Autism, Learning Difficulties, and associated disorders. Oasis Care UK Group produces tailored care packages that are set up with the guidance and involvement of the service users, their family and friends, and all parties that have a significant interest.


Langley Homes accommodate individuals who require residential care providing an environment in which our residents and staff feel safe and respected. We respond to ensure residents make informed choices.


Langley Homes are two comfortable and homely three-storey homes, one 2-bed and one 3-bed in a quiet and friendly, community in Langley Mill, Derbyshire.

“Having our young adults and adults living their best lives independently is where we specialise. We place our service users central to all decisions and we ‘Listen’. We challenge the status quo and work in partner- ship with communities to give our service users opportunities and tools to make effective choices.”

Selvin Reid (Managing Director)

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Langley Homes

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Our residents receive access to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and learning speech therapists, access to education and voluntary/paid employment opportunities and access to independent nutritional support. This we believe encourages our residents to try and have as much freedom as possible and options to participate in opportunities, that ordinarily they may not be exposed too. We use a range of recognised tools to understand the relationship between challenging behaviour, and other aspects of the person’s life and environment.

person centered support

“At Oasis we work closely with the individual that we support and their family members and other care professionals to ensure that we meet the individuals long term needs with commitment and dedication.

Our core objectives as an organisation are to create opportunities that allow our service users to thrive, allowing them to exercise their gifts and to take advantage of opportunities as we create them.”

Selvin Reid (Managing Director)

Oasis Care adopts Person Centred Planning (PCP) tools to work with our residents. Our resident’s communication methods are always respected to ensure that they receive the right level of support for their planning session. PCP is reviewed regularly as residents’ requirements may change naturally over time. Staff at Oasis Care ensure that the support offered to the residents is tailored and appropriate. Staff are trained and confident in the use of a wide range of person-centred thinking tools. Our approach includes: ‘life story’, ‘one-page summaries’, and ‘Good day bad day methodology.

At Oasis Care, residents are actively encouraged to participate in stimulating social, leisure activities and regularly consulted about all aspects of their care;


At Oasis Care UK Group absolutely committed to protecting the individuals we support as well as delivering the very best services.

Robust monitoring, quality, and governance procedures underpin everything we do. Gaining regular feedback from the people we support, and their families is a must too. This gives us an essential ‘real-world data’ and we work expeditiously to implement changes. Oasis Care UK Group continually review best practice through training, feedback from the following:

  • Staff monthly feedback,
  • Staff meeting and supervisions
  • Residents social forums within the home
  • Communication and record-keeping
  • Feedback from the Better Beginning Brighter
  • Future Pathway Plan, life skills working document


Oasis Care UK Group offers opportunities that support our residents to live a life of their choosing and to live their best life ever. Every resident we support will have their own view of what success means for them.


We help individuals to explore ideas of what they want to achieve now and, in the future, and how they want to live their life. Their involved fully in building their person-centred plan setting out their goals and, how we can provide opportunities to help them achieve them. Our BBBF Better Beginnings, Brighter Future tailored Pathway Plan, into a practical live working document which can and is amended, as necessary. These goals will be different for everyone. For some people learning how to manage their money might be important. For others it may be using public transport more confidently, learning to cook meals,

“Our core values, Integrity, professionalism, and high-quality standard of care drive us in everything that we do.”

Viv Watts (Strategic Director)


Oasis Care UK Group understand the vital part families and carers play in planning support for someone close to them and wanting the best for them.

We know that no two families’ circumstances are the same and the turmoil of sourcing the right support. 

Oasis Care will collaborate with families facing these challenges and will help them and their loved ones to find successful, positive, and fulfilling ways forward. 

Our homes are unique services are in residential areas close to services and community resources so that individuals can make the most of the opportunities and we will support every step of the way.


Oasis Care UK Group will develop long-term relationships with commissioners and partners such as Local Authorities, resident associations, CQC to understand how our partners work and their needs. This enables them to become familiar with our capability, our services, and our local referrals and operational teams. Derbyshire has a host of services that we partner with so that our residents feel that they have full wrap-around care. We recognise the pressures whilst meeting the needs to find a quality, cost-effective services. As we expand our innovative services, we will offer the opportunity for individual accommodation avoiding the shared settings which are not suitable for all. We aim to offer a flexible and bespoke approach that commissioners, and the individuals we support, now require. Working collaboratively with stakeholders on referrals we aim to recommend the right service in the right setting.