About us

Oasis Care UK Group

At Oasis Care UK Group, the needs of our service users are paramount and we provide a high standard of care in an environment that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes equality of opportunity, enabling young people to feel valued and empowered.

Our Vision

We acknowledge the utmost importance of the well being and interests of individuals. As an organisation, we are devoted to providing a congenial and engaging environment in order to accomplish this.

Our Values and Philosophy

We possess the ideology that creating a homely environment will help to integrate our service users into society in a constructive manner. We also have the strong belief that instilling a set of moral principles and values through socialisation is pivotal conducive to achieving this.

Our Inclusive Approach

We wish to reflect values that involve and include individuals through our group who all share the same vision. We aim to attain this in a cohesive and supportive manner.