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Langley Homes

Langley Homes is a comfortable and homely double terraced three-storey home in a quiet and friendly, community in Langley Mill, Derbyshire. Its location provides an environment that is not isolated, making it a suitable placement for young people who are ready or almost ready for exploration of the wider society.


Our home offers residential care for both male and female young adults and adults. Langley Homes is sufficiently large enough for five(5) service users and staff to work together and yet, have space to enjoy privacy when needed. It is decorated to a high standard and furnished with practicality in mind. Service users will have a private bedroom, which is warm, clean and identified as their own private space. Bedrooms have a desk, wardrobe and drawers. Each room has secure access; a smoke detector fitted and is centrally heated. There are two shower / bathing facilities and downstairs two(2) WC. The house also benefits from two reception rooms, two kitchens, COSHH/Storage room. This home also benefits from a garden to the rear.

Langley Homes offers a person-centred and friendly environment in which our service users are encouraged to develop physically, intellectually, creatively and socially. By setting realistic and achievable goals, we aim to raise self-confidence and self-belief. The use of a solution-focused approach to difficult behaviours offers young people the opportunity to develop new and less damaging coping strategies. Most importantly we believe that childhood should be full of fun and laughter and positive memories that will remain with the young person in adult life.

We offer a structured, caring and safe environment, where all our service users are supported to achieve their true potential. The home has an ethos of respect and tolerance and the staff team are committed to respect the individual service user and work with them to develop their personal, educational and social aspirations.

Leaving Care Specialists

Oasis Care UK Group conducted extensive research into the provisions available for post 16 accommodation nationally. We have recognised that although there are 16+ services out there providing information, support and advice in a supportive housing capacity, there is a lack of service provision for “looked after” young people who are in need of a specific structured package to aid their transition into independence.

The failure of young adults who leave full time care to cope independently is well documented. Oasis Care UK Group provides bespoke packages of care designed to give service users the tools and opportunities to cope with the transition into independence.

Oasis Care UK Group provide local authorities with a cost effective, appropriate alternative to full time care whilst meeting the individual needs of those young adults who need additional support to assist them in their often traumatic transitional period.

Our core policies include:

  • Please contact us for information, our friendly staff are more than willing to assist with any queries
  • Health and Safety
  • Quality and Quality Assurance​
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)​
  • Mental Capacity
  • Complaints
  • Behaviour Management
  • Context and Safeguardng
  • Service Users Care Planning
  • And Much More..